ヒーリング タイム






Do you have pain? Are you sick?

We would like to pray for you.

We believe God cares about you and wants to heal you.




証 Testimonies

+  ある男性は、10年以上前の交通事故から、首の付け根に常に痛みを負って





A man suffered from non-stop backpain since a traffic accident that he had over ten years ago. The pain had necessitated early retirement. After prayer the backpain stopped immediately and did not return.

+  ある若い男性は、脱臼した膝に強い痛みを抱えており、膝を曲げることが

できませんでした。 数回の祈りを通して、数分後には痛みは消え、膝も正常な位置に戻り、もういちど階段を登


A young man had severe pain from a dislocated knee and wasn't able to bend the knee. After praying shortly for a few times the pain disappeared within a few minutes. The knee returned to its normal position and the man was able to walk stairs again.

+  小金井公園である七歳の男の子は右足が痛かったです。私は彼のために祈ったら、すぐ痛みが消えました。
I met a 7 year old boy in Koganei park. He had pain in his right leg. I prayed for him, and the pain left immediately.

+  ヒーリングタイムのチームは、松葉づえをついて、ゆっくりと歩いている


The team saw a man on crutches who was only able to walk very slowly and with difficulties. We asked him if we could pray for him. He agreed and God healed his leg. He was completely surprised and very happy. His pain was gone. Then we saw that one leg was a little shorter than the other and we prayed again. The shorter leg grew to the same length as the other. The man felt it. He then could walk with ease and later went away without crutches.

+  ヒーリングタイムメンバーの一人が膝に問題のある6人の中高生のために祈ったところ、全員の痛みが癒やされて膝が問題なく曲げられるようになりました。

One of our team members prayed for six junior-high and high school students who had knee problems. They all got healed of their pain and were able to bend their knees without any problem.

+  スポーツの事故で腰を痛めた14才の



A 14 year old boy had a sports accident and hurt his back. He received prayer for his pain and the pain left him instantly.

+  足の陥入爪のある若者が祈りを受けたところ、痛みは完全に消え、靴も当


A young man hand an ingrown toe nail that caused pain. After prayer the pain was completely gone and the shoe didn't hurt anymore.

+  ある女性は職場でいじめに遇った経験により、働くことに心配と恐れを感じるようになってしまいました。祈りを受け、彼女の心はイエス様によっていやされました。

A woman was bullied at work and started to feel anxious and afraid of work places. She received prayer and Jesus healed her heart.

+  突然両手が痛みだし、泣いていた少女のために祈ると、痛みがひいていき、もう一度祈ると 完全に癒されました。

A young girl suddenly had such bad pain in her hands that she cried. She received prayer and the pain level decreased. When she got prayed a second time the pain left completely. 

+  ひどい肺炎で入院中の年配の男性は、



An older man was in hospital because of a severe pneumonia. He got prayed for and felt heat go through his back. Two days later the doctors checked him and he was able to leave the hospital soon after the final examination. He felt healthy and strong when he left the hospital. 

+  喘息を患っていた7歳の男の子のために祈りました。後日検査を受けると、喘息が大きく改善され、薬の数を大幅に減らすことができました。

Prayed for a 7-year old boy with asthma. The day after the prayer he went to the hospital for a check up. The doctor said the asthma was much better and the boy could reduce his medication drastically.

+  過去の大変な経験により、いつか貧困に陥るのではという恐怖を持っていた女性。恐れと心配がひどく、未来が良いものだと信じることができないでいました。祈りによって、神はこの恐れを取り去り、代わりに自信と平安を与えました

Because of difficult experiences in the past a woman had developed a fear of poverty even though there was no obvious need to worry.  The fear increased and she had a hard time believing that the future would be well. 

She received prayer and God took this fear away and gave her assurance and peace instead.


+  三人の子を持つある男性は、



そして, 即座に痛みから解放され、喜びにあふれていました。

A father of three children had constant back pain for many years. Living with this pain was difficult. After praying for his legs, the shorter leg grew and thus eliminated the cause for the pain. He was immediately pain free and rejoiced.

+  70代のある女性は、左ひじの強い痛みのために、物を持ち上げたり運ぶことができませんでした。しかし、祈りを受けた後、



A woman in her 70s had intense pain in her elbow which made it hard for her to carry or lift things with her left arm. After a short prayer the pain left completely. She tested it by picking up a heavy bag off the floor, she could do it with a smile.

+  ある少女はスポーツで足首を



A young girl had sprained her ankle doing sports and it hurt when she walked. After a short prayer by a Healing Time team member she was completely healed.

+  ある男性は筋トレで肩を痛めていましたが、祈りの直後には痛みがなくなっていました。

A young man injured his shoulder while weight lifting.  He received prayer and the pain left.